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World Currency Exchange

World currency exchange takes place in one of several different kinds of transactions. One of the most popular of transactions is the spot transaction in which two parties consult together in order to determine a rate of exchange. Person A contacts person B and asks them for a price on a particular currency. The price is given to buy currency and to sell currency. Person A expresses potential interest in making a deal for currency but does not state if he wants to sell or buy. Once the prices have been given out, the caller determines whether or not he wants to do business with that person. If it is agreed that the buying or selling of currency will take place, the buyer will send in money in the form of his country's currency and the seller will send money in the currency of the desired country. Risks in World Currency Exchange Through Spot TransactionsThere can be some risk involved when an individual decides to use spot transactions for world currency exchange. With these kinds of transactions, the tendency is to leave the currency buyer exposed to some potentially dangerous financial risk. Rate fluctuations that take place in currency exchange can effectively raise or lower prices and can make it very difficult for companies and individuals to plan finances very far in advance. As the example, suppose a company orders tennis shoes from a company in Japan that will be ready in six months at a cost of ¥120 million, with the yen trading at 120 to a dollar at the time of the order. The company budgets for $1 million in Japanese yen to be paid when it receives the shoes. The difficulty arises if the yen drops to ¥100 to the dollar which will increase the cost of the shoes by $200,000.

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