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Wire Money

Wire money is becoming a very popular way to get money from one person to another who is located hundreds and even thousands of miles away with a foreign wire transfer. In fact, this is one of the fastest ways in existence today to get money from one person to another. Usually there are fees that go with using this service and certain information must be provided before transference of money can take place. Most banks, credit unions and other financial institutions are capable of sending and receiving wire transfers within the United States as well as overseas. Usually a fee is associated with the privilege of sending and receiving money in this manner. Fees vary from company to company that offers a service and can range anywhere between $5-$25 to send money and $5-$15 to receive it. Some companies make it possible to receive money for free if the transaction takes place within the borders of the United States. Information Needed to Wire MoneyBefore an individual can wire money to another individual, it is reported to know what kind of credit union, bank or other lending institution the money will be sent to and the name of that institution. Is also necessary to note the location of the account that the money will be sent to. Included in this information must also be the name of the person who holds the account with that particular financial institution. Not only is the name needed, but the account number of the individual must also be shared before wiring money can take place. It may also be necessary to know what type of account the money is being sent to. In addition to this, the financial institution's identification number must also be known (every financial institution is assigned a particular number).

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