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Self-Education is Essential for FX InvestorsThe forex, or FX, market is the largest, most dynamic market in the financial world. Characterized by liquidity and volatility, this complex trading forum is recommended only for experienced, sophisticated investors. Risk management is a top priority for professional forex brokers who direct forex managed accounts. Whether FX investors place their funds in managed accounts or attempt self-trading, education is required. The federal Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has a website that provides the texts of applicable laws, as well as consumer alerts directed at the general public. Also, many FX firms maintain websites that offer educational information about terms, and the workings of the spot forex marketplace. Caution Is the BywordThe best forex traders are knowledgeable about trading signals, technical indicators, and theories that explain market behavior. Skilled application of their knowledge minimizes risk and maximizes profit. FX investors may entrust their funds to a money manager, but they should remain conversant with the market and the actions taken by their manager. Self-traders act as their own money managers, and must be extremely informed about, and experienced in, the spot forex market. Successful self-trading is the result of hard work and continuous self-education about the marketplace. Unless FX investors have a lot of time on a daily basis to commit to studying this dynamic financial forum, the wiser course would be to invest using a capable forex broker.

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