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Exchange Rate Yen

Exchange rate yen is the value of money in Japan as compared to other countries. People living in the United States that are planning on making a trip to Japan need to buy currency in the form of the yen. There are literally thousands upon thousands of businesses located in Japan that people can visit and purchased items from but only if they use yen. As an easy example of what could happen, consider an American family on vacation in Japan that has just arrived and are feeling a little bit hungry but not too adventurous for Japanese cuisine because of a bumpy flight. The children of course are screaming and yelling and carrying on when they see the well-known golden arches on the street. The parents enter in and look at the prices only to find that a happy meal will cost them over 326 Japanese yen, quickly doing the math they determine that $2.99 in American dollars is not too high of a price to pay and purchase some food for the kids. Changes in the Exchange Rate YenJust like the foreign currency exchange rate for any other country, changes often take place in the exchange rate yen as different political and economic situations and circumstances cause this rate to increase or decrease over time. If the stock market is having problems and slipping away, it is probable that the exchange rate will become more favorable for US dollars over yen. Conversely, if the stock market is shooting up, the yen will likely strengthen. Sometimes changes in political and economic circumstances in a country take some time before the currency exchange rate is affected. Very rarely too huge swings in exchange rates take place overnight but it is possible. The smart thing to do is to begin checking on exchange rates well in advance of needing the money, to try to take advantage of a time when the exchange will be more favorable.

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