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Currency Exchange

Currency exchange must take place for individuals who are planning on traveling from one country to another that does not use the same currency. Anyone who has done any traveling outside of the United States understands how currency must be exchanged for whatever is used in that country. Many countries will accept money from the United States of America, particularly those that are located close to the border. When it comes to buying goods or services in a foreign country companies and individuals must first buy the currency of that country. As a general rule, exporters prefer to be paid in their country's currency. As an easy example, someone who is currently residing in Canada that wants to purchase a wrought-iron gate from the Company Mexico, he or she must first obtain Mexican currency before they can make the purchase. The Foreign-exchange MarketThe foreign-exchange market, commonly known as the "FX" market is were individuals can buy or sell different currencies. The price difference between one currency's value in terms of another is called the exchange rate. The FX consists of a worldwide network of traders who are connected by telephone lines and computer lines. There are three main centers of trading; the United Kingdom,the United States of America and Japan. It iss interesting to note there is no central headquarters for these transactions. Currency trading is an ongoing process that takes place 24 hours a day, because when one market is closing down for the day, another one is opening or at midday somewhere in the world. Currency Exchange Market ParticipantsThere are four main types of market participants who take place in currency exchange. Banks and other financial institutions make up the biggest percentage of participants in foreign exchange. As a rule, banks earn profits by selling and purchasing currency from one to another. Brokers are the intermediaries between banks and are often contacted for the best prices when it comes to currencies. Central banks acting on behalf of governments sometimes participate in currency exchange and can influence the value of their currency. Customers are to the final participants, mainly consisting of large companies that require foreign currency in the course of doing business or making investments on behalf of their organization. Importance of Currency Exchange RatesKeeping track of a foreign currency exchange rate is an important part of anyone who plans on doing business in another country. Over $1.2 trillion changes hands every single day around the world. The rate of exchange drastically impacts how much indictable cost for a business or an individual. As an easy example, consider a United States tourist who was traveling in London and finds a pair of shoes that she wants to purchase. If the cost of the shoes is 100 pounds and the exchange rate is at $1.45 to 1 pound, the cost of the shoes is $145.00. If the exchange rate is at $1.30 to 1 pound, the cost of the shoes drops to $130.00 for the American.

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