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Currency Exchange Money Rate

The currency exchange money rate is a very flexible rate when it comes to exchanging foreign money. In the past all currency in the United States of America was based on what was known as the gold standard. The gold standard meant that monies issued by the federal government were based on the amount of gold that the country had stockpiled in secure locations within its own borders. The gold standard referred to US households and businesses being able to exchange their dollars for gold. For example a person who had $10 and wanted to keep gold instead simply had to turn the $10 into the appropriate service and could receive $10 worth of gold. This practice was abolished in 1933 during the Great Depression in order to allow for free or expansion of the money supply. The Gold-based Currency Exchange Money RateAfter the gold standard was done away with in the United States in 1933, a change was needed for the way money was handled in the USA. In 1944 a new system was put in place that kept gold as the standard by which all currency was measured. At that time the standard was $35 US dollars for 1 oz. of gold and each country had to determine what they would charge for one ounce of gold. There were several advantages to the gold exchange system, one of which was providing a common measure of value because each currency was referenced to gold. This system also helped keep inflation down by keeping the money supply in the gold exchange standard economies fairly stable and long-term planning was made easier as rate changes did not occur often. This system was done away with the 1971 as countries became concerned about whether or not enough gold was stockpiled to cover the money in circulation.

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